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Ecosaire is an original equipment manufacturer of reliable precision environmental control systems. Ecosaire offers state-of-the-art features and enhanced energy efficiency, resulting in the lowest life-cycle cost of ownership. Ecosaire provides unique options, such as advanced particulate and gas-phase filtration, electronically commutated motors and Supervisaire microprocessor controls. Ecosaire industrial cooling systems provide the best possible protection for all types of valuable and sensitive electronic equipment.

Ecosaire Cooling Units

Cooling_EcoSaire_CM_Series_1_to _10_ton

CM Series (1 to 10 tons)

The CM series of ceiling mounted cooling units offers features specifically aimed at providing increased reliability, serviceability, and energy efficiency.

  • 5 models with 1 to 10 tons of cooling capacity
  • Air, water or glycol cooled
  • Simple installation
  • High air flow and large cooling coils
  • Two-speed fan
  • Over sized stainless steel drain pan
  • Water and pressure safety cut-outs

CM Series Ceiling Systems Flyer
CM Series 50Hz Engineering Manual


EcosCooler (1 to 500 tons)

EcoSaire EcosCooler_1_to_500_ton_capacity


  • Water to Air Dry Coolers
  • Engineered from 1 to 500-ton capacity
  • Make-up water is not required as with cooling towers
  • Environmentally friendly — no emissions of contaminated vapors
  • Quick payback. Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Complete with pumps and controls
  • Energy efficient fan cycling and free cooling for energy savings
  • Heat Recovery — rejected heat can be reclaimed

EN Series (7.5 to 30 tons)

The EN series is comprised of floor-mounted units specially designed for large electronic sites. As with other Ecosaire systems, EN offers total environmental control with the lowest possible energy consumption.
Standard and optional features:

  • Dual refrigeration circuits
  • Available with R-410a and R-407c refrigerants
  • All Cooling types available including Free-Cool and Dual-Cool
  • Cooling_EcoSaire_EcosCooler_1_to_500_tonDirect Drive Independent BI fans for Redundancy
  • Optional EC Motors BI fans for Redundancy
  • Various Airflow arrangements available
  • Electrode Steam Humidifier
  • Highest Air Volume / Sq. Ft.
  • Highest coil and filter surface area / Sq. Ft.
  • Highest Sensible Heat Ratio
  • Dehumidification on Demand Only
  • Variable Cooling Capacity available
  • Return Air or Supply Air temperature control
  • Full Front Service access only
  • Optional Double-Wall Casing Construction
  • Front and side panels with lift-off hinges
  • All Serviceable Components Out of Air Steam


SM Series (3 to 7 tons)

Ecosaire® has been maintaining optimum operating conditions in data centers throughout the world for almost three decades. Recognizing the emerging trends toward smaller, more powerful hardware with reduced cooling requirements. The SM or SPACEMAKER series consists of three, five and seven-ton cooling units and are designed with features specifically aimed at providing increased reliability, serviceability and energy efficiency.

  • 3 Models of 3, 5 or 7-ton cooling capacity
  • Supervisaire® microprocessor controls
  • 100% sensible cooling
  • On-demand dehumidification
  • Direct drive fans
  • Small footprint
  • Total front service access
  • Zero clearance required on right or left side
  • Automatic restart
  • Quick change-out of blower assemblies

Other Ecosaire Products and Services


Closed Circuit Fluid Cooling Products

A simple solution to high and costly water usage is the Dectron product line of closed-loop fluid coolers. Dectron products provide continuous closed-loop cooling for an array of commercial and industrial applications.

Product Configurations:

  • Dry Cooler Series-Air cooled heat exchangers that use ambient air to cool off the circulating fluid within the cooler to the desired temperature.
  • EcosCooler® Series-Air cooled heat exchanges with the same features as the Dry Coolers in addition to simplex or duplex pumps mounted on an integral galvanized base with the cooler, complete with all plumbing.
  • Dectron Pump Box- A remote pump package available with either single or dual mounted pumps.
  • Process Chiller-An air or water-cooled refrigeration package, combined with a flat plate or shell and tube heat exchanger.

Product Advantages:

  • Make-up water is not required as with cooling towers
  • No chemical treatment and disposition is required as do cooling towers
  • Environmentally friendly- no emission of contaminated vapors
  • Energy efficient, fan cycling and free cooling for energy savings
  • Extended life expectancy of equipment
  • Up to 95% of rejected heat can be reclaimed
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Quick pay-back, usually less than one year

Dectron Air Cooled Condenser Catalog


RPR/IAT Series (3 to 60 tons)

The Refrigeration, Purification and Recirculation (RPR) unit is designed to recirculate constantly tempered and cleansed air throughout a designated room area, to meet or exceed the critical conditioning and purification performance demanded by industry standards. The Industrial Air Treatment (IAT) unit is designed to recirculate constantly tempered air throughout a designated room or area.

  • Cooling_EcoSaire_RPR_IAT_3_to_60_ton_Image_210 Models from 3 to 60 tons of cooling capacity
  • MULTI-MIX® Chemical Filter Section (RPR only)
  • Rugged 12/14 gauge steel penta-post construction suitable for industrial use
  • DX or chilled-water system
  • Modular systems design with separate compressor and plenum sections
  • Cooling coil sized for optimum sensible and latent cooling capacity
  • Coils available with anti-corrosive protective coatings

Supervisaire® Microprocessor Controller

Supervisaire microprocessor controllers provide user-friendly, programmable monitoring and control for all larger Ecosaire® systems. Individual units can be linked together on a built-in local area network. This unit is also available with a remote access option and can be connected through a personal computer (direct connection or modem), or via an independently located remote operator panel.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Backlit display
  • Built-in real-time clock
  • PC interface (optional), can be mounted up to 3000 feet away
  • Built-in local networking capability
  • Factory programmed
  • Unit-mounted sensors
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Non-volatile memory, no back up batteries required
  • Fully factory tested
  • Configuration and sensor calibration protected by security code
  • °F or °C (optional) temperature display

Supervisaire Specification
Ecosaire Supervisaire Design Manual

Services – Engineered Systems

The team of experienced designers at Ecosaire can offer a systematic integrated approach in solving the ever changing and difficult air treatment problems of any industry. They not only supply the highest quality equipment, but also provide the option of total project management. Ecosaire professionals can provide project responsibility from grassroots design conception through complete installation, start-up and on-site operator training. Their unique approach in solving diverse and difficult environmental control problems provides clients with single source responsibility from a recognized leader in the industry.

EC Series 50Hz Engineering Manual
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